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Meditech ABPM-06 24-h BP monitor provides accurate information on blood pressure variability, overnight dipping and morning surge for hypertension management and control. Working with stepwise deflation, the small, lightweight unit is as comfortable to wear and reliable to use as all Meditech devices. Thanks to its extended measurement ranges, ABPM-06 provides a more precise blood pressure profile and gives you even more.


A/A validation
The accuracy of the unit has not dreamed up! Clinically validated according to the ESH-IP, BHS protocol, and ANSI/AAMI/ISO standards, also approved by the U.S. FDA, the ABPM-06 is a great choice for everyone who requires quality. 

Inbuilt voice recording
Either the doctor or the patient may use the neat function of Meditech’s new device. 8 x 15-second-long memos are available to record the most important pieces of information.

Standard mini USB
Easy to buy standard mini USB cable is provided with the ABPM-06 kit to maximize the user experience.

SleepWell® function
Unique Meditech feature! Our new, sleep-friendly algorithm has improved to serve the patient and the doctor as well. ABPM-06 does not repeat failed measurements unless it’s really necessary. The SleepWell® function avoids long gaps between successful measurements, while, at the same time, also helps to avoid measurements to be uncomfortably close to each other.

Manual programming option
3 types of standard recording plan are available in the unit’s memory. Easy to use even if there is no PC at hand.

Automatic cuff size detection
No need to spend time to choose the proper cuff size during the programming. The ABPM-06 will adapt to the connected Meditech cuff and work with it appropriately during the examination.

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